Bobbie as a spectator2by Bobbie Coalter


What I love about October: the weather, the leaves, the bugs…or lack of them, trail riding, the All American Quarter Horse Congress.
What I don’t like about October: Winter is around the corner!
Yes, I’m no different than most horse people. We are all enjoying the end of our busy time of year with our equine companions and dreading having to prepare for winter. Why is it that the best time of the year has to be so short and immediately followed by the cold, wind, snow, ice and mud? Yuck! But I do have to admit that for a month or two I will enjoy being able to slow down and rest a bit.

Joe and I have been very busy participating in many of the events we’ve been invited to this year. I’m not a kid anymore and I have to admit, although I’ve had more fun this year than ever before, I’m bushed. While attending all these fun activities, we’ve also been working, either in the office or on the road at rodeos and horse shows. In September we finished up the majority of the rodeo schedule, with just the PBR at Congress on October 11, left to do, and Joe announced the big Tough Enough to Wear Pink Horse Show for the Stefanie Spielman Patience Assistance Fund. It was another successful year with organizers hoping to top last year’s donation of $50,000.
We also participated in several trail rides including the Gettysburg Ride with the Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association. What a terrific group of people! This was their 14th annual ride through the battle field with camping at Artillery Ridge Campground. While Joe and I were in Gettysburg, The Corral was represented by Andi Boss and Mary Vedda on the Cleveland Mounted Unit Fundraiser Ride through downtown Cleveland, Ohio. As you can see from the smiles on their faces they had fun and were proud to be part of this great cause to keep the Cleveland men-in-blue on horseback.
As I write this we are planning on our ride at Tri County the last weekend of the month. The last time we attended an event at the campground we were so impressed we decided to join. Can’t wait to see our new friends again in just a couple of days.
Just one more thing, next month in our November issue we will include our Holiday Gift Guide. Check out our advertisers for great ideas and deals for all your equine shopping needs. Yep…the Holidays are just around that same corner I was complaining about just a few paragraphs above! Now where did I put that parka and long underwear?
May God bless all the trails you ride,

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